New Site

A lot of time and effort went into the redesign and launch of my company’s new website, but it’s finally here. This is the second launch I have been a part of in my almost 7 years at the company, and the first one I can say I am actually proud of. Click through and look around if you want to learn about a mechanical engineering membership organization or read some articles on the topic.

Top 5 All Time – Beers of 2018

I’m not sure I can sustain making this list for too much longer. I try way too many different beers and refuse to document most of them (if ONLY some sort of app existed to make documenting beers easy and efficient). This list was by far the toughest to compile yet. I know, I know, I say that every year; but as Larry Miller exclaimed in his classic bit… this time, I mean it. This year saw me travel to some great new breweries (Jester King, Suarez, Alchemist, Foam, and Aruba’s very own Fireson!), as well as venture back to some old favorites (J. Wakefield, Hill Farmstead, Cape May).

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Top 5 All Time – Beers of 2017

As 2017 shows itself out the door like a houseguest that’s overstayed it’s welcome, it’s time for one of my favorite exercises of the year. I have to say, last year’s list was much easier to compile. I definitely drank a ton of good beers this year, so I can’t really tell if the average quality of the beers I drank went up to the point that there were no standouts, or if 2016 was just a whale-hunting type of year. I did manage to get to some high-profile breweries this year again, including but not limited to: Cigar City, J. Wakefield, Bearded Iris, and the holy grail… Hill Farmstead, who honestly could have all 5 spots on this list if I was lazy (luckily I’m not). Either way, it was fun going through photos, jotting down names, being reminded of a certain beer or experience or hangout session or bottle share, and putting it into words. Here goes.

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