You’re Gonna Make It, Kid

This month marks the 10 year anniversary of October 2007; one of the most pivotal moments of my life. I was 10 months into my first job out of college, one that I got by replying to a Craig’s List ad. When you applied for jobs on Craig’s List in 2006, they rarely gave you any indication as to what the industry you’d be interviewing for, let alone the company. All you got was a randomly generated email address that would reply to your submission, which is exactly what I got 11 months earlier in December 2006. I went to the interview dressed in a brand new suit and power tie (both college graduation gifts), to make sure I put forth the best impression. The intimidating office building two blocks south of Columbus Circle had a ground level with a ceiling of at least 100 feet high (</hyperbole>), and when I got up to the right floor, there was an odd feeling to my surroundings. It was at this moment that a short, unassuming Korean man with glasses approached me wearing sneakers, jeans and a polo and deadpanned “Jesus, I feel like I’m getting audited.” This was my introduction to Sam Frank.

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Workforce, Slipping

Listening: For The Workforce, Drowning by Thursday

New month, new post. Welcome to the new setup! First paycheck breeds a lot of upgrades; switched to some simple GoDaddy hosting with the WordPress application upgrade to make it easier on myself. I don’t think I will keep this layout/design (this is a theme someone made in WordPress) but I’ve switched over, and all my posts made the trip. It might look like this for a little at least :\. Now I’ve got no excuse not to post; other than sheer lack of material, of course. Easy part is out of the way.

Had a nice long, fun weekend up in Killington; good conditions, good friends, good food, and a lot of good beer. Snoop Dogg at Pickle Barrel was loads of fun; he’s got a hell of a stage presence. I could mention that he came on a little late and only played for 45 minutes for the apres ski show, but I won’t. Oops.

My responsibilities at work just about quadrupled this week. Being busy makes the days go by much faster; even when you work from home (which I did today, Feb 2nd while the city was covered in ice. Hence, the title). Should only get more and more piled on, but it’s exciting. Another trip up to the mountains is in the works as well with some co-workers. Should be hella-fun.

Don’t get it twisted, by the way. This is not my design; it’s a theme WordPress had. I figured it fit my lifestyle as of late, though. So it’ll stay until I fully design my own.