Stealing Happy Hours

Listening: Stealing Happy Hours by 311

With one week in the books, I couldn’t be more excited about my newfound “working” status. Every day last week I found out something new that I had not known when I accepted the position of Production Artist for a new in-house digital studio at my company. Some examples:
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Unlocked Potential

Listening: Push Some Air by John Brown’s Body

Amazing how time flies. It seems like a couple days ago I was contemplating putting up one more post before New Year’s Eve; now it’s the 9th. Happy 2011! A trip up to Vermont has inspired new artwork; so this is my first portfolio-related post. I know my last post said Hunter, but an impromptu crew took to Killington the Monday-Thursday before New Years; TONS of fun just hanging out, riding, drinking and grooving (new band discovery via Wobbly Barn: The Alchemystics; definitely worth a look). Had so much fun that when I got back, I whipped together the artwork you see above about the things that contribute to me being happy. I can’t imagine being up there/in that setting and not enjoying myself. I’m thinking I should go back and get some images for the other blog posts now.

I figure this is a good topic to start incorporating some sports into my writing. I love this time of year; playoff football and hockey is the best combo out there. The Seahawks unlocked some serious potential and put a smackdown on the Saints last night; Marshawn Lynch beasted about 8 tacklers on that epic TD run. The Jets also advanced through the door of the first round on a last second FG. That was an awesome game. I’m a Dolphin fan, but not one that hates the Jets (I hate the Patriots much more) and am actually hoping they do make it to the Super Bowl. I got Chiefs and Packers today for the record; now it’s in writing. On the opposite end of the spectrum, the Devils closed the door on their potential, locked it with a deadbolt, threw away the key and killed (traded?) everyone who knew about it. Hopefully next season will be better…

…especially since by the time next season starts I should have some money saved up to go to more games; on account of me having a job that I start TOMORROW. I expected myself to be more nervous than I actually am; I’m pretty excited. I’m hoping the long commute in and out of the city will breed a lot more writing and some more artwork. I’ll hold off on bringing my laptop to work until I find out my setup (also thinking about hooking my desk up with this, depending on what I’m working with as far as space). Gonna be a good year everyone. Make one of your resolutions to follow me here! Godspeed me some luck for this week.

Where We Start

Listening: Where We Start by David Gilmour. You should click that.

Time for some lighter fare I’d say. A BIG thank you to everyone who has checked out what I’ve shared so far; the fact that this many people are interested/reading really means a lot to me. It’s rewarding when you start something like this, that you say is for yourself, but hope others get something out of it too. In my first week up I’ve had close to 600 hits and am averaging 5 comments per post; and that’s not including the people who have commented/sent me messages on Facebook or contacted me via text. Either way, I’m stoked about it. And lots of other stuff…

I’d like to follow up on something from my first post on the eclipse real quick though. As it turns out, my positivity comment was spot on; two days after posting about the eclipse, I received the job offer from the company I mentioned (although my start date will be Jan. 10th, not the 3rd. No complaints here…). Those of you who know me know this is a pretty big deal. And that was before I found out about this. This is a HUGE deal in my world (for those who didn’t follow the links, the brewpub will be on the roof of the building I’ll be working in). Dogfish Head is not only one of my favorite breweries, but it’s largely considered one of America’s best; and from what I hear, Eataly has pretty quality Italian food. It’s perks like this (and this, across the street as well) that make life at the grind that much more enjoyable. 2011 looks to be pretty promising.

Speaking of enjoyable, nothing like a two-foot snow storm to kick off winter/snowboard season. It may just be me, but I love being snowed in knowing that tomorrow your entire world is going to be covered in pillows. With 2 weeks before starting my new job, I’m going to try and do as much as I can before surrendering myself to my career/company. I’m looking at Tuesday, possibly Wednesday at Hunter Mountain to start off the season right. Interested parties hit me up; the more the merrier is always a rule of thumb.

That’s it for now; hope everyone had an awesome holiday and a safe New Years. Not sure if I’ll post before New Year’s Eve, maybe some sort of resolution post a la my 10 in 2010. If not, you can definitely expect a post in the early stages of 2011. Enjoy the snow and this time of year; that’s an order!

Iron & Glue

Let me preface this post with a couple things. First of all, the subject matter is brutal. I won’t be posting too many of these depressing, downer type posts, but this is one that had to go up. It is the original blog that I was going to launch with, but thought better of it with the lunar eclipse being so popular, and this, well… not. I toyed back and forth after the fact of not posting it at all, for fear of opening up a little too much (see asterisk in header image). But, sometimes you get inspiration in the most unlikely places; and I’d like to thank my younger sister Tiana for having the courage to read a poem on the same subject to our family on Christmas Eve. It was beautifully written, and while that was a private forum for all intents and purposes, this one was written with others viewing it in mind. Hope you like it/can relate to it (well, actually I hope no one can relate to it). I’ll try to update again quickly, with something a little more upbeat.

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I figure that’s not a joke TOO many people get, but maybe I’m underestimating the people I know. He got the best seat in the house though, didn’t he? Hope everyone took the time to watch the lunar eclipse last night. The gravity of a cosmic event like that should not be taken lightly (all puns intended, and from here on out). There are so many ways to break down this kind of experience, it’s kind of hard to just sit there and take it in for a minute. It’s times like this when I understand why people who REALLY got into astrology and astronomy did; and more so, why they’re so insanely passionate about it. It’s also times like these that I remember going to the eye doctor a couple weeks ago (why a 26 year old with a history of perfect vision goes regularly to the eye doctor is beyond me, especially since every time I do he just tells me there’s nothing wrong with my eyes) and him telling me that I had 20/15 vision. Things like that make me wonder if I’m sensing/seeing this thing any differently than anyone else. All I know is, whatever I’m seeing, it’s a big deal to me; especially since these circumstances won’t happen again until 2094. Never pass up an opportunity for a once in a life time opportunity.
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